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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Wayback Wednesday

Brought to you by TKW, this is my first installment of WBW! I don't have any really good photos because 1) I destroyed most of the photos from birthday 19 when a stripper and cheap tequila were involved 2) anything from my childhood/early teens is still at my parents house 3) my 21st sucked (not meaning I was hungover for 3 days) meaning I didn't even get a buzz.

The first photo is from birthday number 23. I was in Chicago at the time, so my family came up to see me. I love the waves on Lake Michigan.

The next birthday is number 24. I was back in Texas at this point and living with my sister. I was not drunk, so I don't have an excuse for the behavior that is displayed in this photo. We're just weird. Nice legs, sis!

And lastly, we have birthday number 25. This is me and the rockstar at a surprise dinner that my sister planned and successfully pulled of. I was truly surprised and touched! We were at Buca del Beppo and got drunk on family size gallons of wine.


Blogger roxie said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Nap Queen said...

I thought you'd like that :)

Blogger roxie said...

Oh My God...LOL. ROTFLMFAO. Wish my legs still looked like that!!! Talk about way back...

Blogger Mama Duck said...

Ummmm, is that a tiara on your head!??!!? Wow, LOVE it!

Blogger Lucky Lum said...

Hey nice pics.
Thanks for your comment about the KXAN website. I checked it out and you could really see all the damage on the video! (yep, that's the house right behind us)
Bless your friend's husband for being a firefighter!!

Blogger Heather said...

heh, the red dress. I had one just like it back in the day!
Great pictures! I played too!

Blogger barb said...

Look at you getting crowned on your birthday. You go girl.

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