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Thursday, August 18, 2005
I Don't *Heart* Huckabees
I don't know why I'm just now saying something about this movie since I saw it months ago, but the movie "I Heart Huckabees" truly sucked. I like weird. I like quirky. I like off the beaten path. This movie is none of these. It just plain sucked. Its "tries too hard" vibe coupled with the constant psychobabble made me TURN IT OFF EVEN THOUGH JUDE LAW IS IN IT LOOKING VERY HOT IN A SUIT. I love movies and rarely turn them off unless I'm too tired to stay awake. I didn't even care to know how it ended, but I don't think I would have understood it anyway. That's all. I'm done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way too exostential for me, but it had it's moments.

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