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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
That Shit is GONE
So the truck is G-O-N-E my friends, gone. I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

Also, how awesome is Y&R? I love the Sharon/Phyllis cat fights. They rule. And I can't believe they're bringing Stefano back on DOOL. Seriously. Why would they do that?

In other news, I have a freakin' maid cleaning the house people and it rules. A few other bloggers know. She is the best EVER. The best money I've ever spent. Better than shoes..... I KNOW. I can't believe I even typed that.

Thanks for your kind words about K and our kitty. It really means a lot to me :)

Here's a photo just cause photos are fun:


Blogger aka_Meritt said...

GASP! Who IS this woman who has posted twice in one week!????

I tried a cleaning woman once. I had her come twice I think before the guilt killed me and I had to let her go. I just don't do well with someone else cleaning my house. Even though I certainly don't clean it either! Hee hee.

Blogger Shell said...

Woo hoo! Nasty truck is GONE!

I want a maid. Can you send her over to my place? Wait...let me clean it first... :-)

Blogger Kami said...

I love having a maid. It's the BEST.

Anonymous wordgirl said...

I would like to get a maid for a change...you know...rather than being the maid. I had to blink twice when I pulled up your blog. I couldn't believe you had a new post.

I am too anal to let someone else clean. It's a freaky thing about me.

Girl, Phyllis is my fucking hero. I love when she was in the elevator with Jack and Sharon and she goes "How fun is THIS?" I about peed.

Blogger Tx Mom said...

WTF is up with DOOL and the Steffano bull shit. I quit watching it (again), and now just read the spoilers online.

That is a cute pic.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Hey!!! I thought you gave up...and here I missed a bunch o' stuff!!

Love the way the house looks, thinks it sucks about your friend and the cancer and am jealous of the cleaning lady.

Blogger Lisa said...

I want a maid. Oh wait, I AM the maid at my house. heehee. As long as I'm the SAHM it'll be that way. Looks like your night out was a BLAST!

Blogger HollowSquirrel said...

Fer the love, it's time that truck moved on.

And so many new posts to read! Whew. that was tiring. :) MISS you and glad you're back.

Blogger roxie said...

Tee hee, H. looks druzunk! I don't think I can afford a maid, thanks to the property taxes in this town. I don't have kids in school, why should I have to pay for education...SHEESH. Wait, what were we talking about?

Anonymous jen frm boston said...

Just moved into the house and my future MIL just said to Mike that she spennt too many of her w-ends cleaning the house, and that since we have the money, we should get a cleaning person to come.

I have to say this is one of her recs I'll actually take. I cannot wait ot see how this works out.

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