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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Decision Time
Today I did the Austin Race for the Cure 5K with my friend H (we walked it). They were expecting 19,000 people, and from the looks of things, all 19,000 showed up. It was an incredible sea of people (and dogs) as far as the eye could see in front of and behind us. It filled me with the most amazing feeling of happiness, and I want to do more. I have been in a serious slump lately and it's time to make the decision to get out of it.

So what does this have to do with Lou Diamond Phillips you ask? I'm getting to that.

In April of 2004, my sister and I signed up, trained for and rode in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. It's an amazing 120 mile, 2-day ride through the VERY hilly countryside. The money that is raised supports multiple agencies that provide vital care and services to thousands of people with HIV/AIDS 365 days a year.

We when we started training, riding 3 miles was hard for me, and the first time we did a 20 mile ride, I thought I was going to die. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look a it), when the ride rolled around, Austin was experiencing torrential rainstorms, so the first day got rained out. We ended up only riding about 60 miles. Lou Diamond Phillips rode the ride though, so that sort of made up for the wet weather. I snapped the photo above at our lunch pit stop. He never knew he had two stalkers sitting just a table away. The ride was amazing, and I have never had such a sense of accomplishment as I did crossing the finish line.

We signed up for the 2005 ride, but then I became really busy trying to plan a wedding. In addition, all the rainy weather kept us from training as much as we needed to (anyone in Austin remember the MONTH of rain we had in November?) So, I am determined to do it next year. I felt a little disappointed that I didn't get to actually "finish" the ride in 2004, and I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

So here it goes. I'm going to ride 120 miles in the 2006 Hill Country Ride for AIDS.

Get ready for a lot of posts about sore muscles (especially a REALLY sore ass that makes it hard to sit down), falling down, sunburns and getting really sick of power bars and gatorade. Oh yeah, I will be soliciting donations, too :) I think I raised somewhere around $800 in 2004, and I want to go over $1000 this year.

I guess I need to get on my bike! It has some serious cobwebs on it.


Blogger Kami said...

You just go on with your bad self!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proud to know you Queenie. You are THE modern woman.

Blogger Melissa2Kidz said...

Wow that's awesome!!

Blogger Tammy said...

You are my hero.

Question: Lou Diamond Phillips - Hot or Not?

Good for you girl. Sore asses suck though. Make the hubby rub it for ya.

Blogger TBG said...

Woo hoo that is awesome!

I just finished the Breast Cancer 3 day. Walking 60 miles in September and I am going to be running a marathon in March down in VA beach. We will be sore together...Woo HOO!

aw, that makes me sad, because I would LOVE to go ride my bike with you, but sadly, I won't be able to ride with my fat pregnant self. :)

Blogger roxie said...

Oh FUCKING great. J/K, I can hardly wait to battle the dumptrucks on 1431!!!

Blogger Isabel said...

Holy cow...you rock.

Here's a story about Lou. A guy I work with ran into him on Rodeo Drive years ago and walked up to him and said "you look familiar. Did we go to high school together?" Lou was like "you probably recognize me from 'Young Guns'!".


Blogger midwest_hick said...

I think the worst thing about training for a bike ride is getting used to the seat....lol

Anonymous Mabel said...

I am SO impressed. I'd die trying to walk 5k!

PS: I've meme'd you if you're up to it...

Blogger Mama Duck said...

Wooooohooooooo!!! Rock on, sista!!!

(maybe you could strap a whole box of maxi-pads to your ass to absorb the bouncing and such...)

Blogger Tara B! said...

Good for you! Taking part in things like that really does something for the soul. Our family does a 'walk' for Juvenile Diabetes (middle child is diabetic)...there's no training involved, but I agree when you see that many people come out to support a good cause, it's very profound.

You're a real giver...I'm not sure if I'd sacrifice an ache-free tailbone for something like that! You GO!

Anonymous Amanda B. said...

Dude. Lou is hot. I never knew he was so buff. I think I loves him.

Blogger Lisa said...

Congrats! Good luck! When are you open to donations? Now? Next week?

And that pic of Lou.... NICE! HYe sure looks cute.

Blogger suburban mom said...

woo hooo! awesome - I full support you :)

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