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Monday, July 03, 2006
Slow as Dirt
I don't know if that's a real saying, but I'm sitting at my desk, and it's slow as dirt. Most everyone took a vacation day, but I decided to let my co-worker have the day off since he had to work on Saturday. It's just me and one other guy. Since we are boss-less, our HR manager came down here to "check on us". I think she was verifying that we showed up. I wish I had a deck of cards. Or a book. Or a crossword puzzle. I usually copy the one from the paper, but some jackass stole the Life and Arts section. People can be so rude. Anyone else at work?


Blogger Angie said...

I'm at work too and this is some bullshit! I too love naps and want to be taking one right now. The days almost over, hold on a bit longer. I see a nap in our future.

No, but I am working my ass off at home. The house got to' up this weekend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not rocket science, but better than staring into space.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Lilah Mum said...

Not at work...but you'll probably find that section of the newspaper in the men's restroom. I never touch the office paper...

Blogger Lazy Lightning said...

Nope, not at work today. I should be, but I'm not because we MOVED this weekend, so there's so much to do at home!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

DUDE sorry you're bored at work (or were bored at work-- you're hopefully home by now).

Did you find something entertaining? Knowing you and your penchant for exercise, I bet you did squats in your office. Did you? Laps around the building? Or... surfing the web. That can be QUITE the workout.

Have a fantastic 4th!!

*sigh* I was just missing you, my blogging friend. We need to go have coffee here pretty soon. :)

Blogger Lisa said...

I went to the pool. With an extremely fussy child.

I would have traded ya!

Blogger Bookhart said...

I busted out of the office at 4:00 p.m. I couldn't stand the silence anymore.

On the plus side, traffic at rush hour was light for once.

Blogger Norman said...

Nope, I got to stay home and plaaaaaay!!! I don't go back until Wednesday. That's one of the bonuses of working for the Government!



Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Who needs a crossowrd puzzle when you have the Expoert Database?

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