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Friday, July 21, 2006
Yippee, it's Friday!
Random thoughts for Friday:

I met with Lucky yesterday morning for the doggy photo shoot. I had so much fun, aside from the heat and my sweaty face. She is such an awesome person. So calm and nice. And she seemed to LOVE Dulce, which is the way to my heart. She sent me one of the photos last night, and it is incredible. She totally captured "it" if you know what I mean.

My good friend E became an aesthetician not too long ago, and she just got her dream job at a great spa, so congrats E! I'm so happy for you!

I have been watching Felicity (SHUT IT) on Netflix and it makes me sad. Not the fact that I'm watching it....the show itself makes me sad. I can't explain it, but I feel like I totally wasted my college experience. Watching that show makes me want to go back and do it all over again.

Very little progress is being made on the stained cement flooring in the guest bedroom. I will be an adhesive removing fool tomorrow and Sunday.

We are still boss-less at work. It's weird.

My husband took our male dog to the vet yesterday. Doc has to wear a muzzle because he gets snappy with the vet techs when they get close to his nails or his hiney. Those are no-go zones for him. No touchy-touchy. The tech kinda got shitty and seemed to imply that we never walk Doc because his nails are so long. My husband wanted to punch him in the face. We walk him about 3 times a week, but his nails are so hard, the asphalt doesn't wear them down like most dogs. So as they were leaving the vet, Doc pissed on their door. Nice.

Our sick cat is still peeing in the hallway. I have ceased to care. I'm in la-la land (you know, fingers in my ears and singing la-la-la-la-la). We are ripping up the carpet this weekend and will be staining the cement along with the bedroom floor.

I have been walking about 3-6 times a week, mostly 4 miles at a time, and I have yet to lose a pound. I am officially discouraged.

I made Kami's banana bread again, and it turned out totally different than the last time, but equally as delicious. Not sure what I did differently. It's more pound cake-y and less banana bread-y. Very pale.

My husband and I went to dinner last night, and there was a kid singing the "Move It" song from Madagascar (we loved that movie). Anyway, he actually smiled, laughed and said it was "pretty cute". Um, who are you and what did you do with my husband? Kids usually annoy the crap out of him. I have to admit it was sexy.

Hey Carrie, I need to know some good condos in Port A that take dogs...any suggestions?

That's about all I got right now.


Blogger HollowSquirrel said...

Don't get discouraged-- you're probably gaining more muscle and toning it, which may not make you lose pounds, but it will look GREAT! Keep at it! If you want, I'll be your personal cheerleader (a la Arianna) from afar. And I bet you'll lose major calories working on the cement flooring.

When do we get to see photos from the doggy photo shoot? Yay!

Hmmm...husband suddenly finding kids (or A kid, I guess) cute? That's the first step to Babyville. Watch out. ;)

Have a great weekend!!

4 miles 3-6 times a week? Girl, you are fucking hero. I would pass out with that shit.

You might not be losing weight but I bet you are toned like a Mofo.

Blogger liberalbanana said...

Could you take Doc on your walks with you? Or do you already?

I love that "Move it, Move it" song. Especially the way the crazy lemurs sing it in Madagascar... They crack me up!

Blogger TBG said...

Dont get discouraged I know how you feel about the walking and not losing any weight.

I want to see the pictures of your doggie! How exciting!

Happy Friday have a great weekend. I was all about randomness today as well it must be the day!

Anonymous Jen said...

I loved Felicity too. Same nostalgia feeling.

But I was really going to sympathize about your vet. My cat gets a little snippy when they stick things up his butt, which I think is quite understandable. But the last time I had him there, he was in a particularly unhelpful mood, and they had to take him "in the back" to to the butt-probe, I imagine because they can't use the restraints and electric-shocker in front of the owner. When I got him back, he was all wet, smelled like rubbing alcohol, and they gave me a bottle of tranquilzers and asked me to never bring him back without first sedating him.

I gave him treats when we got home for giving them hell. That tech was an asshole. He has never been assigned to us since.

Blogger Lazy Lightning said...

Yeah, don't get discouraged!!!

You're toning muscles and losing fat.

Blogger Carrie said...

Well I can completely relate to your being frustrated! Just keep at it! I'm sure it's just muscle replacing fat.

When are you going to Port A?

The chamber of commerce site has pretty a pretty detailed list of what's down there - not too many places allow dogs, but there are a few that are nice.

I didn't see Island Retreat condos listed, so you might look them up -they Used to allow dogs, might not anymore though.

Blogger Isabel said...

Walking is so good to do, so even if you aren't shedding pounds...you are doing something great for your body. So keep it up!

I started watching "Felicity" via Netflix right before we cancelled it. So I never got too far into it. I can see why it makes you sad though!

Blogger Kami said...

Oooh, that floor is going to look SO COOL.

I so feel you. I mean, I don't walk or do any exercise or anything, and I will be on South Beach, in a bikini, in a few short weeks.


Blogger Lisa said...

I hear ya on the work your ass off thing but not lose weight. I hope you are losing inches tho...

Blogger Bart said...

The word "hiney" always makes me laugh.

I agree with everyone else about not getting discouraged about not losing weight... that's a lot of walking and it will work eventually if you're not eating the super-sized fries twice a day.

Blogger Tammy said...

Dude. Make me some bread. Please.

Blogger Lucky Lum said...

You are cracking me up! I've never been described as calm! Must of been the serious lack of sleep.
You two were so fun to be with!!

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