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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
CT Scans & Y&R
I got my first ever CT Scan this morning to check out the throbbing in my abdomen that won't seem to go away. It's not painful, just strange. And it comes and goes at random intervals. The ultrasound I had last year showed nothing, but my OBGYN still wanted me to talk to a laproscopic surgeon to get their opinion. Well, her opinion was blood work and a urinalysis which turned out completely normal, so the next step was the scan. The CT Scan "will show big things" she said. I'm assuming that means tumors. Now that it's over, I guess I just wait for the results.

Because I had to get up at the crack of dawn to drink the damn barium (yummy, "Berry Smoothie"...um, yeah, not so much) I was feeling really tired, so I took a long lunch and watched Y&R. HOLY HELL. Did Sharon and Dru just fall of a freakin cliff and die? And are they trying to make Daniel a po*n addict? And what the HELL is wrong with Gloria's face? Oh, and TxMom, why am I attracted to EJ Wells on DOOL? THESE are the tough questions I need answers to while I wait to find out if I have a tumor. Just kidding. I don't have a tumor. At least, I hope not. Okay I don't. My friend Bill thinks it's my twin that never developed and just throbs when it's hungry. Totally creepy.


Omg....that IS totally creepy! I would smack him for saying that. :P
And don't worry...."It's not a TOO-MA!
Hopefully they can at least find out what it is and make it go away. :)

Blogger The Old Lady said...

I totally miss you sense of humor!

You know they are getting rid of Dru right? Sharon will live and Dru is off the show?

Yeah, WTF with Daniel? Also, maybe this will make him comb his hair.

Keep us informed with the CT.

Blogger Tx Mom said...

I hope they figure out what is wrong.

Yeah, EJ is sexy and creepy at the same time.

Gross on the twin comment...freaky.

Blogger Kelly said...

YUCK! I had to drink that shit last summer with my ovarian cyst rupture! UGH!

Hope it all turns out OK>

Blogger Lisa said...

Sending you happy vibes.

And your kitchen is SO pretty! LOVE that paint color.

Blogger Kami said...

Good luck. I do hope your twin isn't in there.

Girl. Sharon is okay, but Dru's ass is DEAD. I think.

Blogger roxie said...

LOL!!! I bet it IS your underdeveloped twin! They say that tumors sometimes come out with teeth and hair, there is no other explanation for that other than HUNGRY TWIN!

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