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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Weekend Wrap-Up
Diabla is doing much better, thanks for all the concern. It was touch and go the first night, but she's acting like her old self again. We have to do a nebulizer treatment on her twice a day to strengthen her lungs, and she HATES it, but it's for her own good. Keep your fingers crossed that my insurance claim on her gets approved. If I can get half the $1200 back I'll be happy.

As far as the unwanted mail I've been getting goes, I've been doing the "Return to Sender" thing for years with no results, that's why I'm so frustrated. I finally submitted an irate "contact us" email on the BCBS website, and SOMEONE CALLED ME. All I have to do is fax them the contents of the mail (which I find weird, that they are giving me permission to open someone's mail), and they'll get it resolved. Thank god.

I have been meaning to thank my pal Hollow Squirrel for the award she gave me recently and I rudely never acknowledged. SO THANK YOU for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award! I really appreciate it.

Also, Bradley over at The Egel's Nest very nicely awarded me with the new Egel Nest Award for Blog Excellence! Thank you so much!

Now here's something weird for you. Today, the Rockstar and I were just lounging around and we hear this awful sound come from the kitchen. It sounded like the toaster just exploded, but there was nothing in the toaster. We looked all around the kitchen for signs that something was broken, had fallen, or exploded. Turns out our tempered glass cutting board like this:
had spontaneously exploded in the cabinet. When we opened the door, we saw this:

I'm not lying y'all, it just fell apart. Strangest thing ever. Kind of freaked me out actually.

And one last photo for your Sunday viewing pleasure...I give you the toad that lives in our dead-ish plant:


Blogger Kami said...

So glad your baby is doing well. If she handles the breathing treatments like a 2-3 year old human, I feel for you.

That is so freaky about that Pyrex thing. Maybe your house is haunted? Did you piss off the spirits?

Blogger Katie said...

Happy to hear Diabla is doing much better!

Weird on the cutting board.

Blogger Angela said...

Your spontaneously exploding cutting board is about the weirdest thing ever. Seriously freaky.

Anonymous LazyLightning said...

That same thing happened to our pyrex 9x13 baking dish. Except we'd just put some food in it to bake. But there were no extreme temps or anything! Just lukewarm casserole and a shattered dish.

Yeah for Blobs!!!

OK, see this is why I don't cook. Shit just explodes? Uh no.

I now have a new argument. It's dangerous to cook. Or prep veggies. Whatever.

I'm sticking with that.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

I just wish you would have caught the cutting board thing on film...not that you had warning, but that would have been pretty cool.

Glad to hear kitty is on the road to recovery!

Blogger Carrie said...

Oh, I am soooo very happy to hear your baby is doing better!!!! :)


That is just weird about the cutting board self-destructing!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I'm not a fan of the felines in general, I'm so happy to hear your beloved is doing better.

What the h on the cutting board? That is whack.

Blogger Michelle said...

glad to hear your kitty is feeling better!

and i have never heard of such a thing happening to glassware. i feel like i should bubble wrap all my pyrex when i get home! ;)

I once had a pyrex dish just fall apart, also. it was pretty old, and I did place it on the marble counter right out of the oven, but still. The whole thing just fell apart. It's even wierder that yours did when you weren't even using it.

I'm so glad that Diabla is doing better. And also that you're smart enough to have pet insurance!

Anonymous Angela said...

Oh my heavens! I have one of those cutting boards, and now I'm a little afraid of it!

So glad that Diabla is doing better, apparently the internet has healing powers!

Blogger L Sass said...

OMG, that cutting board explosion is AMAZING. What could have caused it.

I'm glad Diabla is feeling better!

Blogger The Egel Nest said...

Nappy Taffy -

Congrats on the award :)

I have never heard of anything just shattering like that!


The Egel Nest

Blogger Tx Mom said...

That is bizarre about the cutting board. Really bizarre.

Blogger Isabel said...

I had a bathroom mirror do that SAME thing and hello, super freaky.

Also, I hear it's your birthday!



Blogger Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, lady!

So happy Diabla is doing better.

Blogger Beth said...

WTH?!! It just exploded? In the cupboard? all my itself?!! That is TOO wierd!

I'm glad Diabla is doing better...but I just can't get over the self-exploding cutting board!

Blogger Lori said...

Hey, just a heads-up...I went to the Foos concert this weekend and got pics!!!! I was actually in the front row, about thirty feet from Dave all night...sigh...

Check some of them out on my page!

Anonymous Kimberly said...

I just happened upon your posting during a Google search for exploded Pyrex. Here's what just happened to us a few minutes ago. We had just finished watching 1408 (spooky John Cusack movie) and all of a sudden heard an explosion from our kitchen. We were seriously freaked out when we couuldn't find the source of the noise. It almost sounded like someone was crashing though our kitchen window. Then I started opening cabinets until I found: a large Pyrex mixing bowl had split open like a pumpkin would if you smashed it. It was the strangest sight. I haven't used the bowl in at least 10 days. Then we remembered that this happened before a few years ago. Explosion followed by search of our kitchen followed by finding a broken Pyrex glass lid in the cabinet. Twice....you'd think we would have recognized the similiar noise but after a scary movie, we weren't thinking clearly. LOL. I am considering throwing out all my Pyrex now which sucks because I use it all the time.

Blogger TBG said...

i have had the same thing happen with pyrex is it near a heat source. no lie you would think it would be safe but not always!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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