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Saturday, September 01, 2007
My Back Door, Now With Less Symmetry
Thank you sweet baby jesus! There really is a Santa Claus! I think an angel just got her wings!! The hideous metal monstrosity of a sliding glass door is gone, never, ever to be seen again. Let's take a look back down memory lane. Ick. It doesn't look so bad right here, but trust me, it's bad.

Look at the size of that metal handle!!! You could seriously take an eye out with that thing.

It was installed backwards, so the spot where you would put a bar or broom handle to add extra security was on the outside. Effectively, someone could have locked us IN. Can you see it?

Not to mention the lack of sliding ability causing a horrid metal-on-metal screetching sound everytime the dogs have to go outside. Anyhoodle, the door came out really easily, and we had a big hole in the wall for about an hour. It made me feel funny. Thank god it wasn't 5 billion degrees outside:

Then the lovely new door went in without a hitch. Well, there's one little problem which I didn't notice until about an hour after the door had been installed. The two little side doors (called sidelites) are supposed to be mirror images of each other. The vertical piece of wood running the length of the window is supposed to be toward the outside of the sidelite. If you look closely, the sidelite on the right, is the exact same as the one on the left.

Correct Side Incorrect Side

Do you see it? Well I do, and my OCD won't let me NOT think about it and how it is wrong, wrong, wrong. Not to mention the door cost $1000s of dollars and we should get the correct thing because we paid so much for it. I called Home D and they're going to have the door manufacturer send a correct sidelite since it was their fuck up. Once that happens, we're going to paint it white to match all the other trim and doors, and it will be DONE. Can't wait for fall (ha!) so I can open up those sidelites. They have screens so you can let the air flow without having the actual door open.

And just for fun....she looks semi-awake, but I GUARANTEE as I type this, she's snoring as loud as a grown man.


Blogger Tammy said...

OOooooooh. Purdy.

Uh, I see nothing wrong.

Blogger Tx Mom said...

The door looks fabulous!
And I can vouch for the fact that you needed a new one -- I could never get out of that thing.

Anonymous audrey said...

The new door looks gorgeous! And your dog is adorable. I love that she snores -- that's hilarious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That does look so much better. And much more secure. I can't believe someone installed those sliding doors wrong.

Blogger Moi said...

If it makes you feel better, I see it. But I am twisted.

If I ever get to sleep, I will sleep better knowing you are getting it fixed.


Blogger Lori said...

The new door looks great! I like how the side panels have screens. I should look into replacing our front door with something like that.

Blogger Karla May said...

First off:
That door: if it were a man, I would have sex with it. It's a sexy door. If there is such a thing. Or maybe I just need more sex. In other words: Great choice.

Second off:
You're BACK!! Yay! I took you off my bloglisting sort of thing on mine because I figured you'd just...you know, evaporated. Glad to know you didn't.

The dog sleeping with the head propped against the table leg, snoring: Okay. If Earl were a dog, or if your dog were a cat, they'd be the same animal. Too funny.

Welcome back. Glad you're here.

Blogger Beth said...

that is one BEE-U-TEE-FULL Door!!!!

I like your blog....who knew dog's noses were that pink?

Blogger Carrie said...

Okay, the whole sliding door installed backwards cracked me up... thank goodness you weren't the odd victim of a random burglar who wants to help keep all your stuff safe. :) heehee

I had to look for a minute, but now I see what you are talking about, glad they are fixing it!

The new door is fabulous and I love how you can open the sidelites with the screens!

Such a sweet doggie!!!!!

I totally see no problem with those doors. At all.

Blogger La Turista said...

Love the door, but yeah, got to get that right side situation worked out. This from someone who has been busted straightening all the pictures in my gynecologist's waiting room. Twice.

Blogger Michelle said...

Love the new door - I totally can see it too and it would drive my OCD crazy! Home renovation/repair can be such a pain sometimes!

Caught your link on Angela's blog. I'm a designer too, so I thought I'd read more :)

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