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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I've Been Tagged or "Memed".....What is a Meme?
Mabel tagged me, so here it goes. (I think Tammy tagged me some time ago, but I was just getting back from vacation, so it fell by the wayside. Sorry Tammy, I hope you will forgive me.)

5 Things
10 years ago - I was starting college.
8 years ago - I realized that I hated my major, but didn't change it.
4-7 years ago - I met the man who became my husband.
2 years ago - I bought a house.
Now - I'm happily married and wishing I knew what I wanted to do professionally.

Five yummy things:
1) Peanut butter/Cheese (It's a toss up)
2) Ice Cream
3) Chinese Food
4) A really good veggie burger
5) My husband's arms

Five songs I know by heart:
1) Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett
2) Three Libras - Perfect Circle
3) What I Didn't Do - Steve Wariner
4) Hello - Lionel Ritchie
5) 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

Five things I would do with a lot of money:
1) Buy a new car
2) Give to animal charities
3) Totally renovate my house
4) Take a long trip somewhere tropical
5) Pay off all my family members' debt

Five places I would to escape to:
1) Fiji
2) Chicago
3) Canada (if things don't change around here)
4) New York
5) Santa Fe

Five things I would never wear:
1) Tapered Pants
2) Holiday shirts/sweaters
3) Keds
4) Denim Shorts
5) The Victoria's Secret thong made of pearls. Ladies? You know what I mean? OW!

Five favorite TV shows:
1) Desperate Housewives
2) Nip/Tuck
3) CSI Las Vegas (The Original)
4) Friends
5) Medium

Five things I enjoy doing:
1) Sleeping (but of course)
2) Watching TV
3) Board Games/Crosswords
4) Yoga/Pilates
5) My Husband (Thank you very much, I'll be here all night!)

Five Favorite toys:
1) Computer
2) Sewing Machine
3) DVR (I don't currently have one)
4) TV
5) Bike

Five people who get this meme:
Everyone else who wants to do it :)


Just a thought - ever had PB and cheese together? It's like manna from heaven. Well, for white trash, but you know.....

Blogger Tammy said...

So, the whole lit support thing isn't your destiny?

Of course I forgive you!! Nobody does what I tell them to do!! :)

Blogger TBG said...

I did it before it was hard.

I have to agree my number 1 place to go would be Fiji

Oh and the pearl thong I must agree!

Blogger Mama Duck said...

"The Victoria's Secret thong made of pearls..."

Ummmm, I have this but it doesn't actually every get worn...much like the jingle-bell undies.

Blogger Nap Queen said...

HAHAHA....um, no, it isn't...

TKW - How did I know out of everyone, YOU would have that thong.

Blogger Isabel said...

This is great.

I always look at those thongs and diamond bras and think "who buys those...and why?"

Thanks for sharing!

Hi All! Like your site. found it surfing for my favorite topic!! Keep sharing!
All the best,pilates

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