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Saturday, August 05, 2006
Shoes Anyone?
I found this at Karla May's and I've watched it about 5 times. I made my husband watch it twice, and now he's pissed because he can't stop singing it. It's very Kids in the Hall-esque, so if you don't like that style humor, you might not get this. And then I can't be your friend anymore:


You are welcome. Shoes.


oh my god. shoes.

That is funny shit. It has all the right things to make it funny too....like someone random bitch doin the hammer and then some random guy doin the robot.

Blogger Thomas said...

Hello from Seattle. I am originally from Houston and am a new lawyer. How did we never meet?

Blogger TBG said...

Oh my god that was hysterical!

Blogger liberalbanana said...

Oh my god, that was so f*ing funny. And appropriate as I just bought two more pairs yesterday. Bitch!


Blogger The Old Lady said...

I have little doubt this will become Tammy's new theme song.

Anonymous wendy boucher said...


I loved every second of it. I especially liked the hula hoop in flames. So funny.

Blogger Karla May said...

Look, don't thank me. Thank the seriously queeny guy I work with. He's the goddess who introduced me to Kelly. She's got a MySpace page, you know...with more songs.

Those shoes are mine, Betch.

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