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Thursday, August 10, 2006
You're Rude
Here's my bitch for the day. Say a certain someone (ahem) sets up a requested lunch training for a large group of people. And say 25 people RSVP that they are coming. And say during the next couple of weeks, some people drop out. Cool. The day of, let's say a few more people can't make it. Cool. No biggie. So let's say that 14 people have confirmed the day of that they are coming. RSVP YES. As in WILL BE THERE. And when the training starts, guess how many people show up?


You heard me.

3 fucking people had the decency to show up since they said they would. So here's my REAL bitch. Today, the secretary of one of the asses that DIDN'T show up asked me if I was going to provide training on this certain application. Um, I already did. And there was lunch. And dessert. And the ass you work for didn't show up. Come to think of it, you didn't show up to the staff training I ALSO set up. So now you're demanding that I set up another training?

I'm sorry, I support 4 different computer applications plus training on those applications for 5 offices. I don't have time for your irresponsibility.

Whew, I feel better now.


Blogger TBG said...

ayea that is rude! I would be pissed as well. They are definitly worse than toddlers! They should so know better, well I think they do they just dont give a rats ass about anyone but themselves!

That totally sucks!

Blogger mdvelazquez said...


My favorite rant is when I receive 20 RSVPs and have a few dropouts and a few late RSVPs and end up with 18. No problem. Then the day-of, 35-40 people arrive. RUDE!


Oh I'd have flipped on her ass.

Anonymous Monica said...

Did you tell her "Why don't you go back to your home on Whore Island?"

Blogger aka_Meritt said...


I did this JUST YESTERDAY! I also find it SO embarrasing when you tell the featured speaker or trainer to expect 25 or 18 or whatever, and then only have 6 show up.

Sometimes I want to crawl into a hole (but take all the extra yummy food with me!).

Anonymous Kristin said...

That is awful. Can you email a note regarding time and resources and cc their bosses? It's not going to save face this time, but maybe for next.

Ugh. Totally rude.

(And who are these people who forego free dessert?)

Blogger Tx Mom said...

But you weren't there because you were at lunch with me.

Blogger Lisa said...

Grrr. Yes that does suck!

Blogger Mama C said...

Oh that would chap my hide.

People have no class.

Blogger me said...

I can't tell you how much that stuff irks me. Or people that just don't RSVP at all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sucks. I'm lucky that our office is small so I can go collect the people who said they were coming. And I've done it before and I'll do it again!!

And always, ALWAYS hide some dessert for yourself.

Blogger Judy said...

ugh, i hate that kind of rudeness! if you say you are going to be there (especially the day OF) then you need to be there.

Blogger The Kept Woman said...

Gee, sounds like things haven't changed much. Ummmm...did you guys snag the extra sandwiches and cookies to take home for dinner?

Blogger Christie said...

that is rude!
For our wedding, all the people who rsvp'd showed up... along with about 8 others who didn't rsvp!

Anonymous wendy boucher said...

Nobody seems to understand what RSVP means. It does NOT mean, "Sounds fun, I'll think about it." It does NOT mean, "I'll just hold off RSVP'ing so I'm not committed and then I'll show up if I feel like it on the day."

It's a committment and a courtesy. THanks, now I feel better too.

Blogger Carrie said...

That is so tacky! People are just rude these days. Like Shell, I can just walk around and grab the people who are trying to get out of things. I'd be mad too!

Blogger Bart said...


That's exactly why people go postal.

Blogger Linlee said...

We hosted a breakfast at work once and 1 person showed up. I even had people rsvp the day before and they didn't show. HOW RUDE!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Total jackassery. I don't know how you kept it together.

Blogger The Old Lady said...

get out now while you still can!

Blogger Tammy said...

I hate people.

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