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Thursday, August 23, 2007
I Think I'm Back, And I'm Not Crying Wolf
Hmmm, well, it's been awhile, as you can tell. Things have been, well, okay, I suppose. I'm alive, see?

Which one am I, you ask? Come on, it hasn't been that long....okay, I'm the one on the left. The chicken faced one. The pink one....

Here the haps:

I guess the biggest and saddest thing that has happened is that we had to put our sick kitty Sonja to sleep. She finally got too thin, and the doctor said it was time. The Rockstar had a really hard time with it. Harder than I had expected. It's weird adjusting to the loss of a pet. There's just something..missing. Her ashes are in my closet. He just can't deal with it right now. She's the B&W one on the left. Her mom (the one on the right) meowed all night long after Sonja was gone. It was terrible and sad.

My new (but not new anymore) job is still great. So flexible. I know I can have time off pretty much whenever I need it. I'm learning a ton about Illustrator which is awesome.

Speaking of, I was going to take some Illustrator/Design classes at the community college since my place of employment will pay for them, but two semesters in a row, other people beat me to the 12 open spots. I guess it's just not my time. I'm okay with that. It will happen when it's supposed to happen.

Let's see...what else is going on....I'm actually semi-apprenticing to become a pilates instructor. Like-a-whoa. Bet you didn't see that coming. I didn't either. My pilates mat teacher at the gym told me I was good, and that I should start apprenticing under her and then get certified (which, btw, is motherfuckin expensive), so I'm not 100% sure I'm going to do it. I've been doing reformer classes, though, and I have to admit, I L-O-V-E them.

I'm taking our heeler out to herd things at a sheep farm this weekend. I feel like she's bored and I found a place that does herd training. The trainer is going to evaluate my dingo, uh, I mean dog for interest and natural ability to see if we can start training. I hope she doesn't attack a ewe or a lamb. That would blow. And certainly put a damper on things. Here's one of her not-so-bright moments trying to squish into a cat bed.

Ummmmm, what else....oh, my sister and I went to South Padre over the weekend and it was awesome. The weather was perfect and although I wore sunscreen, I still got an awesome tan. It was so relaxing and there were hot dads everywhere. It was kind of strange. 30-40-year-old men who had hot bodies carrying babies around by the pool. It was nice eye candy. In a kind of creepy way.

I have gotten over my fear of pedicures, and now I get one at least 1-2 times a month. My feet look pretty great.

I think our crazy Australian neighbors got a divorce. The wife is never there anymore. It's a shame. A damn shame. Can you tell how broken up I am? All the partying has stopped and there are no cars parked in front of our house anymore. I'm just sayin.

Our piece of SHIT sliding glass door is being replaced with this:

Oh hellllllz yeah. I cannot wait until next Friday. Then, the remodeling madness will end. Until we get new garage doors......and maybe a new roof....or perhaps a deck.

Do any of you watch Top Chef? Tre? Seriously? He's one of the best chefs on there. Howie needs to GOOOOO away. He bugs. Oh, and Tre's hot.

That's about it for now. I don't want to totally overwhelm you with an endless Nappy update. Hope to hear from some of you!


Blogger TBG said...

welcome back!

Missed ya girl!

sorry to hear about Sonja!

Blogger FutureFoodTVStar said...

So So Sorry to hear about Sonja!

And yes, Tre' is a total hot babe in the kitchen. I was so sad after last nights episode I was crying.

Anyway, on Aug 14th, I went to eat at his restaurant with a couple of friends. He actually walked thru the dining room and greated everyone at every table. YeS! I shook hands with greatness.

And let me just tell you... he is a black truffle risotto GOD! If you ever make it to Dallas and want to go eat at Abacus, I'm game!

Awww, kitty. :(

Girl, I seriously thought you had taken a nap and that was all she wrote.

Hubs loves him some top chef and he dug tre too.

Blogger Carrie said...

So very sorry to hear about Sonja! :(

Your dingo picture is cracking me up though, silly doggie.

Wow, sounds like you've been busy and doing a lot of cool stuff!!

so glad you are back! :)

Blogger Thomas said...

I will leave a better comment after some nap time.

Blogger HollowSquirrel said...

YAYAYAYAYAY Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your cat.

UM, GREAT news about the simmered down neighbors and everything going great in your life. You look fantastic, as does your house!

I'm with you on Tre-- I couldn't believe they got rid of him. I loved him!!! I'm so jealous that one of your reads met him-- such a hot and KIND and good guy, not to mention he loves to cook. Um, yeah.

Blogger Lori said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry about Sonja. It's so hard to have to make that decision. Hugs.

I'm just about falling asleep but now that you're back on the circuit, I'll be stopping by again soon!

Blogger Cara said...

I wanna know how come my google reader didn't tell me that you had two new posts!? Bitches!

So are you apprenticing under Jen?

Blogger Kami said...

So sorry abouy your Sonja. :(

Dude. Dads are hot. Especially when they are carrying babies, or pusing strollers, or doing shit all by themselves. Sexay.

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