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Thursday, October 20, 2005
T.V. Junkie? Check!
I'll admit it, I am a T.V. junkie. Anyone who really knows me can you tell you that. My mom was picky about what we were allowed to watch (read: NO CABLE), but not about how much we could watch, so I grew up watching to my heart's content. I'm currently into quite a few shows which I try to watch every week. I really need (not want, need) TiVo. Badly.

So here's the list:

Desperate Housewives (this season does NOT suck, BTW)
Nip/Tuck (I'm sort of a half-ass faithful watcher)
Martha Stewart Apprentice
2 1/2 Men
Law & Order SVU
Celebrity Fit Club (Trust me, watching Janie Lane from Warrant get sober while running in a giant plastic ball is riveting stuff people)
VHI - I Love the ___'s, Best Week Ever
E! - The Soup

That's about it right now. I used to watch Friends and Everybody loves Raymond, but alas....they are no more.

Am I an addict? I think so. Do I care? Not really.

What do y'all watch?

Edit: D.U.H. - I LOVE the original CSI. Could watch it all day long.


Blogger Melissa2Kidz said...

Hi! I read your blog regularly, got you over at Kami's blog I think...I think you write some funny stuff!! Anyways my list read alot like yours. I am a reality tv junkie for sure.. i am with you though on the nip/tuck thing. I love the show but i am half-assed in my attempts to watch it. Anyways great blog!

You and I both, girlie. We thankfully DO have DVR. I am currently obsessing over the following...
Nip/Tuck (big fan)
Desperate Housewives
The Office
Grey's Anatomy

I think that's it. That probably enough, really.

Blogger suburban mom said...

Love, love, love Desperate Housewives!!! Love it. (though susan is getting a tad too skinny, dontcha think???)

Blogger Tammy said...

Wait. Who said Desparate Housewives sucks this year?

They are crazy!

Blogger Taylor said...

You're totally not an addict! I have something like Tivo (Dish Network's DVR) and I couldn't imagine living without it, haha!

My weekly addictions are:
Tuesday - My Name is Earl (my husband makes me watch it or else I would watch House)
Wednesday - Lost
Thursday - The OC (totally corny but I've been following since season 1)
Sunday - Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy

I love this time of the year! LOL!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, finally, some differences.
I can't stand any of the 56 Law and Order spinoffs, nor can I tolerate any of the 25 CSI spinoffs. NOT everybody loves raymond, namely me, and I loved Friends before it became all about the storyline and less about witty writing.
I watch West Wing, The Daily Show, Ghost Hunters, Rescue Me, Countdown with Keith Olberman, Magnum PI reruns and COPS.

Blogger Curator said...

Desperate Housewives -- all the neighbourhood wifeys are N2 this show bigtime.

I honestly haven't seen anything on your list.


Blogger Rhonda said...

I bet I watch more TV than you. Well, I DVR more TV than you and hope to have time to watch it. DVR is great when you have a baby. I watch lots of recorded stuff at 4 a.m. Here's my list:
Desperate Housewives
Curb Your Enthusiasm (funniest show ever)
Biggest Loser
My Name is Earl
The Office
CSI (original--Las Vegas)
Without a Trace
Breaking Bonaduce
The Surreal Life
Days of Our Lives
I also watch reruns of Seinfeld and Sex in the City all the time.

I love TV.

Blogger Isabel said...

I can't miss "Veronica Mars" (I like it so much that I sacrafice "Lost" for it) and "O.C". TV...it's gonna be the death of me!!

Blogger Aric Blue said...

You're all lightweights! I watch:
Mythbusters(addicted to this show)
My Name Is Earl
How I Met Your Mom
NFL Football
I Love The 80's
The Daily Show
Adam Corolla Project

I'm sure there's more, plus I have a Netflix subscription so I'm always watching movies. Yes, I watch WAAAAY too much TV.

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