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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Sunday Blahs
Last night the hubs and I went to an outdoor, evening wedding. It's February. I know it's Texas so it's prone to being warm in the winter, but it was freezing last night. Thank god the ceremony was short and sweet because I couldn't feel my feet, and they served barbeque which I don't eat (I usually don't eat anything that ever had legs). We didn't even stay for the cake. Instead, we went by Mozart's and got desserts and coffee to go. The desserts were horrible. The crust on the cheesecake had freezerburn, and the other cake tasted like it had just been defrosted and was stored with the garlic bagels. At $5 a slice, we should have taken them back but we were already home, and I was in my pj's.

Today, my sister and I spent 7 hours selling jewelry at a craft/vintage/arts fair. It was so-so, and now I am tired, grumpy, sunburned and windburned. The live music was grating on my nerves and the wind was a constant nuisance--knocking stuff over and making it hard to hear. Bleh, blah, bleh. If Desperate Housewives ain't new, I'm going to be one pissed lady.

Tonight, my husband reminded me that we forgot to eat the anniversary tier of our wedding cake on our anniversary. I got it out of the freezer, so I'm interested to see what it tastes like:

I'm betting not so good. I'm also not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. Can you tell I'm just a barrel of laughs tonight? I'm going to leave you now, and go eat some cake and ice cream in the hopes that it will make me feel better.

P.S. I also just learned the VP of our country shot a fellow hunter. Why do I still live in a red state? WHY???

Update: Here's how the cake looks now:

It wasn't terrible, but it was super DRY. Oh well. The ice cream was great, and I feel much better. Here's my sunburn that's getting worse by the hour:


Blogger Norman said...

Yeah! I saw that about the vp. So did Cheney shoot Bush?

Also - do you ever venture up to Amarillo to sell your jewelery? We have a Country Peddler Craft Show that comes twice a year. It's pretty big. Would ya come?

Tell us how the cake was!


Blogger Norman said...

Oh - and I was FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news - DH is new - as is Grey's Anatomy.

I know what you mean - when DH is a repeat, it throws off my whole damn night. Pisses me right the fuck off too.

Blogger Tx Mom said...

Sorry you had such a bad day. I meant to come by the show, but forgot.

Blogger Isabel said...

I'm afraid to see what our cake looks like. Even more to eat it.

Sorry about the sun burn.

Blogger Football Widow said...

That sunburn looks bad! I want to see what some of your jewelry looks like!

Blogger Blogger Spotlight said...

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Blogger TBG said...

Sorry your weekend and everything is so blah!

Hope the week gets better. I know next Saturday will!

And that sucks about the sunburn as you know up here in the Tundra I am not worrying about sunburn I am worried more about getting to work in the snow...yuck!

Blogger Tutu said...

I want to see jewelry too.

Blogger Spikey1 said...

Seeing sunburn in February just doesnt compute with me... blahs go away!

Blogger Tammy said...

Where did you get the sunburn?

You live in a Red state because you cannot bear to leave Austin. Austin kinda makes it worth it!

Oh, and I don't want to be here today either.

Blogger Bradley Egel said...

Hey Nappy Taffy -

Cake never had legs...so I guess that is okay on your list...

Outdoor weddings are always unpredictable!

We looked at our cake on our 1 yr anniversary and it didn't look too happy..so we didn't eat it :)

The Egel Nest

Blogger Kami said...

Our cake was dry, too.

I miss Mozart's!

Blogger Lucky Lum said...

Crazy about the ole VP eh?!!
We never saved th etop of our cake. I ate all the leftovers and figured it wouldn't be that great a year later.
Let us know how it was.

Blogger Carrie said...

My mom stored my sisters cake... unfortunately it was right with all the fish in the freezer...gross.

Sunday blahs are never any fun, especially because you know the next day is Monday. At least DH was new. :)

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