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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Sometimes Change Sucks
I like to think I can handle change pretty well, but this time, I'm in denial. One of my closest friends is moving to Colorado with her husband in a couple of weeks. We've known each other since about 1991 (freshman year in high school), and we've gone through boyfriends, college, weddings, jobs and more. She is an amazing friend and woman. She is a registered dietician, she ran the Motorola marathon, she is great at home improvement projects (she and her husband gutted and completely remodeled their 1920s kitchen with their very own hands), I don't think she's ever had a pimple in her life, she's sarcastic as hell, loves dogs and she's a great cook. We have the same sense of humor and we just GET each other. Poo. I don't want her to go. I guess this means that the rockstar and I are going to Colorado more often!


Blogger The Kept Woman said...

That sucks ass.

I'm not even going to try to get all deep.

It just sucks.

Make it a point to go out an visit her when you can.

BTW, nice matching dresses.

Blogger TBG said...

Oh that is so hard. How long are they going to colorado for?

Blogger Tink said...

I'm so sorry honey. That's horrible.

Colorado isn't that far. Always great fares.:)

She sounds just like me.

Except I have a zit right this moment.
And I can't do home improvement to save my soul.
I run only to get more chocolate.
I won't even touch the dietician one.
My cooking is moderate at best.

Forget what I said.

I am sad for ya though, darlin.

Blogger Kami said...


That does suck. Colorado is gorgeous, so yeah, go visit A LOT.

Blogger Kami said...

So, was she running in the 20 degree weather, to the marching band that was killing my head the morning after BB? Or was that another year?

Blogger Spikey1 said...

Any girl who runs a marathon is a keeper in my books! ;)

Blogger Tammy said...

Ohh. No. Tie her to her house. Don't let her leave!!

Blogger Carrie said...

Oh that does suck. Nothing worse than having to be seperated from your best friends! Ya'll are both gorgeous! :)

Blogger Lucky Lum said...

Yes I know the feeling. It does suck ass!
At least she's not moving to Wisconsin!

p.s. You girls are gorgeous!!

Blogger Bradley Egel said...

Nappy Taffy -

That isn't so bad...sometimes distance can strengthen relationships..I know that there are people who i became even closer with once they had moved further away...

so..maybe it does not suck so bad...

me...the eternal optimist :)

The Egel Nest

Blogger Football Widow said...

That really sucks. One of my best friends just moved to Memphis. Thankfully we have lots of minutes on our cell phones to chat!

At least she is moving somewhere pretty to visit.

Blogger Lori said...

I'm sorry, but, yeah, think of the travel possibilities.

You two look so pretty - I'm guessing bridesmaids in that pic.

Blogger Isabel said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Getting older and having friends move away is hard. Being the one to move away is also hard (hey, I just blogged about that today).

But hey, are tickets to Colorado cheap from Texas???

Blogger Lisa said...

If she lives near a ski town, you can learn to ski together. :-)

Sorry to hear she is moving. What a friend of mine does is since she has an our commute, she calls someone each day and talks for at least 30 minutes. It makes her commute fly by and we all get to keep in contact with her.

And yeay for e-mail.

Blogger pack of 2 said...

AW SHIT...I hate that...all the crying & sadness just sucks!
So sorry napqueen...I really am!

Hang in there,


Blogger Kether said...

Can she move close to me? She sounds like a great person to have as a friend.

I'm so sorry. Good friends like that are very hard to find.

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