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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
My $0.02
If people really want to stop illegal immigration, go to the source....the corporations that are hiring the people. As a friend of mine said, it's simple supply and demand. If companies want and need cheap labor, then they're going to hire illegal immigrants. Oh wait, but if our government goes after the source, that means they're going after their buddies in Big Business, and that wouldn't be cool, now would it? It's not exactly an easy to become a legal immigrant, so who am I to fault someone born in Mexico or El Salvador wanting to make a better life for their family here in the good ole USA. Bring it on. They do jobs that most people would snub, and frankly, I'd like them to stay and do them. Two Mexican men installed my bath tile, one didn't speak a lick of English, but damn, he could install some tile. The bonded, licensed, guaranteed American company that I hired to do the rest of the bathrooms did a piss poor job. I'm just saying. Like I said, just my two cents.


Blogger FutureFoodTVStar said...

I Agree 100,000%

And as someone who has worked in the food industry (and frankly, honestly, hopes I get to again)... I understand how just how those low paying jobs make the world go round.

Yes, I find it interesting that the politicians bellow about all this but big businesses are surprisingly quiet and really, nothing gets done.

And you are so right - guess how has been all over our area cleaning up debris, doing roofs, installing gutters? Yep, Mexicans by the truckload. While there are thousands of people on welfare who chose to NOT do the jobs. NICE. Get up and go get a job, you piece of shit.

Blogger liberalbanana said...

My boyfriend told me that he was reading an article on immigration recently and that there was an interesting quote in there. The guy said we should just throw all the illegals out (not IMMIGRANTS, mind you - ILLEGALS) and then we can give all the people on welfare their jobs! Bam! Kill two birds with one stone! I think it sounds perfect.

What don't people understand about the word "ILLEGAL"?!? Should we just open our borders so that ANYONE who wants to can just pick up and move to the Land of Opportunities?? Why doesn't the U.S. just take over Mexico and make it one big frickin' country?

And it's not impossible to become a citizen. Difficult? Sure. But possible. I process voter applications on a regular basis from new citizens. LEGAL citizens.

I would never EVER move to another country and not make an attempt to learn their language. When I travelled to Europe after I graduated from college and we went to 6 different countries, I felt awful every single second we were in Italy because that was the one country we were in where none of us could speak ANY of the language. And we were just visiting! Imagine moving somewhere and getting a job and STILL not knowing any of their language. I think it's frickin' ridiculous. There's no doubt that these people have something to offer, but to sit there and scream that they should be exempt from breaking our laws is ludicrous.

Blogger Alli's Mom said...

I agree with Liberal. My thoughts exactly! I have no problem with you being here...LEGALLY.

Blogger Lisa said...

Hey your back. How was the ride this weekend!

Blogger Lilah Mum said...

Totally agree with you! Hey, how about that ride? I want to hear. Apparently, you survived...

man...I am glad you finally posted! I was all thinkin you got mowed down in your ride by some crazy trucker! :P

Blogger Cara said...

Yeah, I wanna hear about your ride too :)

Blogger wordgirl said...

I agree, too. There need to be more avenues for gaining citizenship. Although I believe these folks are a valuable source of manpower, no one should be allowed to function below the radar. A person who is here illegally, in essence, does not exist. They don't buy into the educational system or any other and they stay marginal humans in our society.

I agree with liberalbanana. They should not "lose" their native language, but you can't expect to function in a society without knowing the language. So many of these folks are only semi-literate in their own language, so the hope of learning English (reading/writing/speaking) is dim under those circumstances.

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