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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Not What I Paid For
Since a few people have asked me about the flooring situation, I'll give you a short update. We took Friday off and stained the concrete. All we have left to do is seal it, paint the new drywall, move the furniture back in and call it DONE. I will then be able to park in the damn garage again. There was one tiny glitch in the whole plan. The color we bought was "Golden Wheat". Beige. Like carpet. Here is the sample from the website:

Um, yeah, it came out a rusty orange color. You can still see the old vinyl tile marks, so I'm calling it "Saltillo Tile" and moving on. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. We're going to use the same wheat color in the master, and there's no vinyl tile in there, so I'm betting the color will turn out more true to the picture since there is no adhesive to remove.

Also, in the vein of not what I paid for, we're now being asked to do things at work that we're not getting paid to do. As in, things that a supervisor would normally do. We are now a little over 2 months without a boss, and it has been okay I guess. We recently noticed that our company removed the job ads for our supervisor position from all the career websites which makes me think they have no intention of hiring anyone (I'm smart like that). So, in the meantime, we're being asked to promote our group around the firm. We don't have time. We're supporting 5 offices with 4 people who all do very different things. If I'm gone from my desk for too long, I end up with a billion emails and voicemails. I don't have time or energy (or desire) to schmooze with the higher-ups. So, my co-worker called a meeting with the big-man to talk about salary. If they're not going to hire a supervisor, and we're going to be expected to do the work, then we should at least get an increase in pay to help with the increase in work. Right?

No word yet from my meeting the other day. Tick tock people. One way or the other, just let me know.

Is it just me, but are prices on everyday stuff going up? I swear, I bought the usual stuff at the grocery store last night, and it cost me $171 vs. the normal $120-130. I bought a few extra things, but I also didn't buy any household items like toilet paper or detergent like I normally do. My money just doesn't seem to be going as far as it usually does.

I have 42 sick hours and 77 vacation hours. I'm just saying. And because I have no money (see previous paragraph), I think I'll be taking a week off and sleeping. Any tips on what to do with vacation time (that has to be used) when you have no cash?


Blogger The Old Lady said...

Good luck on the raise thing but don't hold your breath!!!!

I would love to take time off and just hang around the house. Take every Friday off for the rest of the year (hey wait, who would create my briefcases!).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you like walking, hiking might be a good free activity for days off, as long as the weather is good and you have anywhere nearby to hike (otherwise $3 a gallon gas to get there will make it not-quite-free-anymore).

Blogger Linlee said...

Sleep in and relax.
As for the raise, my husband's been in the same situation for over a year. They even added international travel to his job description with no compensation. SUCKS!

Blogger Ravinnia said...

That sucks about the color coming out differently. I am glad you don't hate it though:)

Good luck on the raise!

I agree on prices going up. Everything is so damn expensive! I suppose gas prices are probably partly to blame. I dunno but I don't like it.

Oooh vacation! Sleep, eat, watch tv and sleep!

Blogger aka_Meritt said...

Re; the color... sorry.
Re; the food prices... yes! I like to buy a lot of the same things over and over each time that we keep stocked and use constantly. Sure enough I've noticed prices jumped an average of about $.20 each item which doesn't sound like much but it is when it's per item and adds up quickly.

Blogger Tx Mom said...

I am discouraged by your tales of the golden floor. I will keep my fingers crossed for the raise.

Vacation--I would sleep sleep sleep. OR, you could come over and work on my house and watch Pooter. That is a hell of a time.

Blogger Tammy said...

I'm with the Old Lady. Please don't hold your breath. I like you. :)

I want more sleep.

You gotta ask for more money. I mean, worst they can say is no.

As for vaca ideas, I say stay home and rent movies and relax. You will be more rejuvinated than if you had gone somewhere.

Anonymous jsull said...

Well I think the optimum situation for all involved is for the company to work 5 pay them like 8 and get the results of 10. I back you on asking for more if you are doing more! I'm for getting paid for what I do, exactly. Sometimes that isn't possible but they should increase your pay if they increase your workload. If you want me to call your boss let me know, hehe :).
Freight makes all prices increase, fuel cost. Everything at the store arrives on a truck, trucks use fuel, fuel costs more, hence everything costs more. I will suggest that you purchase deodorant and scratching paper thought those are essentials!
If you have to vacate your job and don't have funds to travel then just lay on the couch in your drawers and white socks and scratch your nuts, wait, thats what guys do when they are off. Ok ummmmmmmmmm I dunno what female girl women do when they are off so I can't help you there!
good luck

Blogger The Kept Woman said...


Hang out at the library? Or the Greenbelt?

Sounds like things are fun around there...it's a shame b/c it used to be a pretty decent place to work.

I still want to see the floor, it sound very pretty with your other colors even though it's not what you signed up for!

Anonymous wordgirl said...

Uh...movie marathons using dvds from the library?

Blogger Lilah Mum said...

Wow. Note to myself: You did the right thing quitting.....

And totally, ask for more money.

What to do with free time? Road Trip to SA!!

Blogger Shell said...

You could take a couple of days off and paper the internet with your resume. I'd hate working more hours and not getting compensated for it.

Okay...roadtrip to SA and then to Houston...

Anonymous elisha said...

stay in your pjs all day, read a book, watch movies, go to barton springs, eat dinner with me

Blogger Kami said...

Can you not cash in that vacation time?

Blogger Lucky Lum said...

as dwayne tells me this is what most companies do... why pay someone else for a job when they can put all the responsibilities on the other folks and NOT pay them?!!

Blogger pack of 2 said...

Well we all know that you love a good nap so you should be a happy girl.

We also love a good nap!!

The floor stuff looks great.


Blogger Lisa said...

I'm with my cousin, Linlee. SLEEP! Try to get the hubby to take a day off at some point too. Have a picnic or go to a museum or a hike...

Blogger Carrie said...

Urgh - I feel for you on the more work no pay increase situation - I can totally relate.

Hmm, well, use the sick time to babysit for moms who need a break (We know there's plenty up there) then use that extra cash to come to H-town and party with us. :)

Blogger Bookhart said...

Sleep. Rent movies. Go see movies in the afternoon. Be bored. Waste time. Read some books. This sounds like heaven to me.

Blogger suburban mom said...

Sometimes it's cool when you get something you didn't ask for but then you actually like it.

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