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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Way Back Wednesday For Reals!
I'm going to do a make up/combination of two wayback Wednesdays--Friends and School Spirit, so bear with me on the length of this post. I just couldn't let TKW down!

Here's my first best friend, G. We met on the first day of Kindergarten. I said, "Hi!" She stuck her tongue out at me. It was a sign of things to come. We were friends up through 8th grade (see cheerleading photo), but she was a bad kid, and we drifted apart. I hear she's married with two kids and loves being a mom. Who knew?

Now we'll skip to volleyball. The following are 7th grade and Freshman year photos. I quit after Freshman year because lets face it, how many volleyball players are 5'2"? I'm third row from the top on the left. My good friend A is the blonde on the fourth row.

Now we'll skip to high school. I was on the drill team. Here is my photo. Sigh. could my hair have been any bigger? This was the early 90s? Hair wasn't supposed to be like this. I also included a performance photo similar to TEH. I'm the one on the end on the front row.

Which brings me to my current friends, HV, HT and C. I was on drill team with all of them. I met HV and HT my freshman year, but I've known C since kindergarten. This is me and HV from drill team (I found out today she is pregnant with kid #1!!! She's the first of my BFF to get pregnant).
And at her wedding:

Here is C, HT, me and HV at a wedding.

And us at HT's wedding:

Of course my bestest friend of all is my big sister R. We had some rough times with each other growing up, but now we are best friends:

And I can't forget my gorgeous hubby, the rockstar!! This is from Vegas when we eloped.

The End.


Blogger Kami said...

That is a cute hubs you got there. Um, yeah on the big 90's hair. Nice. It's sooooo Dallas...

Blogger Tammy said...

GREAT pics!!

My sister is my best friend too!!

I think we all had big hair until the mid 90's. Yikes.

Blogger Rhonda said...

Great photos! Those were some fabulous outfits.

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