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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Wednesday Rant
Hey you! Yeah YOU, the one calling me right now? Guess what? If I don't answer my phone, there's a good reason why. I could be screening, I could be in a meeting, I could be down the hall talking to a friend, there might be someone at my desk (in which case I wouldn't be rude enough to answer my phone)--you don't really know. I might just be working on something and don't feel like answering my phone. Point is, I'M NOT ANSWERING MY PHONE. So calling me three times in a row and not leaving a message is really a waste of your time. Plus, if you email me, I'm much more likely respond in a timely fashion. Oh, and leaving a voice mail with your name and number, but no clue as to why you are calling? Don't do that. Just don't.


Blogger Tammy said...

And, we have Caller ID. We know who you are. This ensures that you won't get a call back!

I feel ya, sister!

Blogger Rhonda said...

I hate that! Since my hubby works from home, he uses our home phone for the business so I never answer the phone unless I recognize the number. You wouldn't believe how many people do this. Just call and call and call, but don't leave a message. One chick did it at 6:00 a.m. one day and I finally picked up the phone and yelled at her. Stupid people.

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