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Monday, January 09, 2006
Good Weekend
I had one of those weekends that wasn't spectacular, but it sure seemed LONG which is really nice. Friday, the rockstar and I ate dinner at Rockfish. That place has great fish that isn't expensive at all. Saturday I went to a yoga class which was really needed after the bike ride last weekend, got groceries and bought some more stuff for the bathrooms and house with Christmas gift cards. Sunday, my sister and I only did an 8 mile ride because the wind was so bad we had to pedal downhill. That ain't right. Later, the rockstar and I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia. I just re-read the book, and I was amazed at how closely the movie followed the book. That being said, the movie was kind of a disappointment. Some of the special effects were as good as those in The Never Ending Story. Come on people, it's 2006! Plus, it was WAY too scary for kids. I can't believe they let small children in to see that movie. Then, last night, I watched Celebrity Fit Club which is one of my all time favorite shows. There's something about watching D-list "celebs" getting on national television to lose weight that is totally and utterly mesmorizing. I mean, who doesn't want to watch Young M.C. bust a move?


Blogger Tammy said...

First, bitches!

I don't understand why the Lion didn't eat the ice queen BEFORE she took everything over.

Blogger Elisette said...

I am newly obsessed with Celebrity Fit Club! Crazy celebrities!!

Blogger Rhonda said...

I watch CFC too! How crazy is Kenickie?

I hardly ever get to watch that show, but did you see Kelly LeBrock?? Makes me kinda sad that the hot chick from 'Weird Science' is all portly now. Very sad.

Blogger TBG said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I was thinking about seeing the Chronicles of Narnia but have not been hearing the greatest things about it!

Blogger Carrie said...

Well, Tammy, he wasn't there at the time...but I won't go into the long explanation... :)

I like watching the inevitable celebrity freak out. Is that so wrong? :)

Blogger Kami said...

Oh, I LOVED The Neverending Story!!

Blogger Lisa said...

Wow. You got alot done! Yeay you...

Blogger Norman said...

I'm loving the new CFC as well, although.. I'm surprised by a) "Vanessa" from the Cosby Show. Am I just blind? To me, she looks GOOD! So she's not a bean pole... so what? She hold's her weight very VERY well. I would not have guessed her to be 181 lbs. And b).. Contessa? Or Countess? Whatever her name is. She keeps saying she wants to be "the cute girl" well - she IS cute! I guess I don't get it.

Either way, it's a fun show to watch.
And since I'm watching that show, when it's over - I automatically start watching "The Flavor of Love". Good lord - it's like watching a train wreck! I can't look away!! What is WRONG with those women!? I will admit, that I actually kinda LIKE the Flava character - but still... go apeshit over him? I think not.


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