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Friday, March 21, 2008
Good Friday Indeed
This was the first week without our sales guy/project manager at work. It was a really hectic week not to mention a lot of his work is now falling to me, which is fine, I'm perfectly capable of doing his job....it's just that I already have a job, so doing part of his just makes for a busier day. The good news is I got a decent raise today AND my husband got his first unemployment debit card in the mail, both of which almost made me pee my pants. Life is pretty good right now--the dogs are good, the cats are fine if not a little bitchy, I just ate 3 huge pieces of pepperoni pizza, watched a movie and What Not to Wear which was filmed in Austin---sweet!---and now I'm going to sleep for at least 10 uninterrupted hours---which is reason #147 I'm not sold on having kids. Good night!

Thursday, March 13, 2008
Happy March Everyone
Here's a nice bulleted "what have I been up to" list since I haven't posted in oh, say, 5 months. I really have been kinda busy I think.

* The Rockstar's place of employment (large national company) went out of business 2 weeks before Christmas, and he still hasn't found a job - YAY! He's really good at being a househusband, though. He cleans, cooks, walks the dogs and does the laundry. I am really lucky. I'm sure if we had a kid, he'd be teaching it the intricacies of World of Warcraft, his favorite pastime - NERDY! (The following is from our Christmas photos that Ms. Lucky took.)

* Did a "no-gift" Christmas (only donations to charities in everyone's honor) and I have to say, it felt wonderful not to get caught up in the shopping hype. My credit card loves me too--super bonus.

* I've started spinning classes which are terribly hard for me, but I feel fantastic afterwards. I felt like I needed to do SOMETHING since I'm not doing the AIDS ride this year. I'm still doing Pilates reformer classes, too. LOVE it. I still want to get certified, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

* I signed up for, started and then dropped a Photoshop class. It was so boring I wanted to poke my eyeball out every time I sat down in the classroom. There wasn't a whole lot of teaching going on...it was all out of a book---uh, thanks, I can do that myself at work.

* I loved the last season of Project Runway--Chris March totally should have gone to fashion week---LOVE, LOVE that LOST is back on (may I have your baby Matthew Fox?), love the new Top Chef and can't wait for Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy to come back on. Oh yeah, can't get enough Biggest Loser or American Idol, either.

* Am worried about being 32 in 6 months. Eeeek! Not sure at all how that happened. And why am I still breaking out at 31? That shit needs to stop pronto.

* Work has really picked up, and I'm worried since we're losing a team member tomorrow. He/she isn't going to be replaced. I'm just a tad nervous about the upcoming work load.

Damn, I'm lame. I really HAVEN'T been that busy. Hmmm. Yeah, I'll get right on that. After I take a nap cause I'm sleepy. Bye!