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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Thank You & WBW
Thanks to everyone for the awesome skin suggestions. You guys ROCK! There are so many things that I want to try now, and there are a few things that I am going to buy for sure as soon as I get paid on Friday. Just as a sidenote, I actually used Proactiv for about 3 years. It stopped me from getting some of the larger pimples, but I still stayed sort of bumpy. I will tell you, those commercials are no lie. I noticed a difference right away, it just didn't last long term. Also, I do have a dermatologist (hence the prescriptions I'm on), but my favorite dermatologist is not on my insurance anymore, so I have a stand in and he's not my favorite. He seems like he might be in with the prescription companies. Very prescription happy.

I'm not getting very creative for WBW. My 1 year anniversary is coming up, so here's my engagement ring. Not only is it beautiful, it has sentimental value. The solitaire was in my Grandfather's wedding ring (what my Grandfather was doing with a gold nugget/diamond ring, I will never know) which I inherited. My husband had the ring melted down (he knew it was okay to do that) and the diamond reset into my most favorite setting, all without me knowing. He did good.

Monday, January 30, 2006
I'll be 30 in October. 30. So why am I still getting pimples? I'm on two prescriptions for my face which manage the problem for a while, but then issues pop up again (yes, pun intended). I have been on every antibiotic, cream, gel, wipe, ointment out there.

I started breaking out when I was 11. Fifth grade. I remember a boy calling me pizza face when I was 12. Luckily I had an awesome, feminist teacher who totally stuck up for me.

Anyhoo, I don't care what anyone says, I truly believe it's genetic. Everyone in my family has skin problems. Everyone is oily, everyone had acne at some point. Why couldn't I have inherited my mom's breast size or my dad's knack for mathematics? WHY THE BAD SKIN??? I got sooo screwed.

So here's my question. I absolutely cannot use anything with oil of any kind in it. I turn into a grease pit in two minutes (chicken face, if you will). If I use anything too harsh and drying, I get flaky. What the hell am I supposed to do? Anyone have a magic solution? Please say you have a special potion (that is not toothpaste, I've heard that one) that I've never heard of. Please, I'm begging. Okay, that sounds desperate. I'm asking really, really nicely.

Sunday, January 29, 2006
Still Alive....Barely
We rode 22 miles or so on 360 this morning (for those of you not in Austin, it's a hilly bitch of a road where you can see cylists riding any day of the week). A couple of times I really thought my heart was going to explode and my lungs were collapsing. (Note to self....do more cardio at the gym during the week.) It was a bold choice so early on in our training. And by bold, I do mean stupid. (Sidenote: We did this ride a few times last year and finished it, but it was much later in the training process, so we were more prepared then.)

I am a proud person. I don't like to try things in front of people unless I'm fairly sure I can do them. So, walking my bike up a particularly hard hill is pretty embarrassing for me when about 20 true cyclists pass me. I just have to eat my pride. Yum, yum. Can I get that pride with a side of ranch? It's not that I think I should be able to do the things those cyclists can, I just want them to know that I'm not trying to be like them and failing miserably. I want to ride one charity ride a year and finish without having to be scraped off the pavement. And just a tip to any true cyclists out there....when I'm walking up a hill or just going really slowly, it's really nice when you ask me if I'm doing okay. Please DON'T say,"Pretty steep, huh?" UM, YOU THINK? Yeah assclown, it's fucking steep. Did I mention the strong headwind which makes one have to pedal downhill?

I feel like poop now, and I just want to take a nap. So that's just what I'm going to do. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, January 27, 2006
I'm About to Lose It - Part 2
I just got into work, and the first thing I hear from my co-worker is, "I just saw a rat in the lounge! Yep, mmmm hmmmm, a rat. Saw it with my own eyes."

Not a mouse, a rat.

Okay, well, the employee lounge is also in the Plaza. The soda machine in said lounge has been out of order for a week or so. Yeah, we found out the rats chewed through the lines. Apparently rat feces was found in one of our ice containers, too. When I got to my desk, a coffee mug I left there was turned over. I think a rat did it.

WHAT THE FUCK. I'm this close to going home.

Edited: The pest guys just moved a ceiling tile, and two more roaches fell out. Not on my desk thank god, but still....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
I'm About to Lose It.
For those of you who don't know, I work in the basement of our building, or as the company likes to call it, The Plaza. Um, yeah. Whatever. So, anyhoo, my department is directly under the building's deli. Why is that important you ask? Because we regularly have infestations in the ceiling....ants, roaches, rats....you name it. NASTY. And we are the only part of "the plaza" to have these infestation problems. Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but wouldn't one think that these nasty little creatures are COMING FROM THE DELI?

Some of you might remember my post regarding the roaches that FALL TO MY DESK from time to time. You heard me. They FALL. ON. MY. DESK. WHILE. I. AM. WORKING. They drop from the light fixture down to my desk. The first couple of times it happened, there was no warning. Just a plop, and there it was. A roach in front of my keyboard. The last few times, however, I at least had a few seconds of scratching on the light fixture and enough time to look up and see the antennae coming over the edge of the fluorescent light.

So today, just now, it happened again. Scritch, scratch, plop. It's no less shocking the fourth or fifth time, I can tell you that much. It's hard to work when you're worried about things falling on you. Ick, now I feel crawly all over.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Don't Drink the Water
I know a lot of pregnant women. A lot. There are about 4 people at work who are pregnant, two of whom are due around February. Then there are my friends A & S who are both due in March, and my bestest friend H is due in May. Sigh. That's a lot of babies.

Anyway, I went to A's shower on Saturday. It was so good to see her because she lives in Houston, and this was the first time I have seen her knocked up. Isn't she cute?

She and I did a dance duet together at competition in high school. OMG, if I could only find the photos of that costume. We rocked.

Back to the shower. The snacks were great, the cake was to die for, but, and this is a big but, we did have to play some games. Here a picture of my pictionary team. The clue was "Ointment". See the tube I'm drawing? Pretty good, huh? We won when one of my team members shouted out "Ass Ointment"! Yes, ass ointment indeed. Too bad there are no pictures of my drawing of "Labor". Oooo, that was a doozy.

So now I have to start planning H's shower. We have the date and location set, but now we have to come up with a plan. Games or no games? I'm always against games, but I have to admit the pictionary was fun. So all you moms, did anyone do anything cool and different at your shower that I could shamelessly steal? Anything I should totally stay away from? Any input will be highly appreciated.

Monday, January 23, 2006
All Fixed (Hopefully)
So Meritt was correct in her comments on my last post. The mortgage company applied my 12/28 payment as an additional payment on the principle. Why? Who knows. Hopefully, this is the last of it, but I'm not holding my breath.

Saturday, January 21, 2006
So I just got a letter from the mortgage company saying that I hadn't paid our January payment. Bullshizzzzzz muthafuckas. I have my bank statement which shows they withdrew it on 12/28/05. Take that bitches. I don't pay late EVER. Don't fuck with the Nappy. I WILL win.

Note to Driver of Lexus on Far West Blvd.
When I so GRACIOUSLY slowed my car down to 10 mph (there was no one behind me) to let you into my lane because you were stopped behind a parked delivery truck, THE POLITE RESPONSE WOULD HAVE BEEN A COURTESY WAVE. I fucking hate shitty road etiquette. Suck it Lexus driver. You're the kind of person that makes it hard for me to be nice to other drivers.

Thursday, January 19, 2006
I Promise We're Good Parents
I swear we don't give him alcohol even though the photo suggests otherwise...he's drunk on love.
Here is our other child on crack. She licks the Kong long after the crack is gone. And by crack, I do mean peanut butter and dog food.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
The Rockstar of our House
I just have to give it to my husband. He is THE BEST ever and here's the evidence to prove it.

Oh wait, that's just a cute photo of him...

First, he GAVE me his $25 gift card to Starbucks. He loves coffee even more than I do, so it was extra sweet of him to fork it over. Next, here is photographic evidence of all the lovely things he has done during his week off. As in, his vacation.

He sealed the grout.

He also installed our second toilet. YEA!!! We have 2 toilets again!

He bought and set up a desk and a new flat screen monitor ALL FOR ME. Here is my new home office. Did I mention is was mine, all mine? It's mine:

Here is a curtain rod and curtains installed and hung by my dear husband. The curtains are inside out, but I'll take it:

Next, he installed baseboards in the linen closet. Do you remember the baseboards done by the handyman? Here, let me refresh your memory:

And here is the baseboard done by my husband for FREE. Mind you, he's never done this before and it still has to be painted. Not too shabby:

Last, he installed one of our toilet paper holders:

He also steam cleaned the carpets. No lie. I wonder what he'll do with the rest of his week? Paint? Build a new addition? A girl can hope.

The Button Has Arrived
So the wonderful Cara created a button for me that will take you directly to my personal page on the HCRA website in order to make donations. She is so sweet for doing this---and really fast, too, I might add! The button will reside under my profile picture.

I recently found out that someone I know lost a family member to AIDS, so I am now riding in memory of that person. I'm even more determined to train hard and raise money for those who are living with HIV/AIDS. Thanks again to all of you who have sponsored me. I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"It seemed like a good idea at the time...pictures of you doing something stupid or alternatively something that you thought was cool at the time but you look back and think WTF?"

Well the obvious choice is hair. This was the early to mid 90s people. Way too late for this hair:

Or this hair:

Or this BOW. Jesus, what the fuck was I thinking?

And last but not least, doing tequila shots at a karioke bar and thinking it was "SOOOO crazy how the bartender looked like Jesus, and oh my god I have to get up on the bar and get my picture with Jesus, because isn't it crazy how much the bartender looks like Jesus? Hey biotch, did you get a picture of me with Jesus? Hurry it up and get me another tequila shot, NOW!!!!" Ummmm, yeah, there will be none of this during the blog blowout.....from me, at least. You other gals are free to get craaaazyyy.

Sigh, those were the days.

Monday, January 16, 2006
Would Anyone like to Sponsor Me?

I'm working on getting a button for making donations on the HCRA ride website, so look for that soon. I, and the organization, will appreciate ANYTHING you can give. I don't care if it's only $1. For now, you can get to my personal site by following these simple directions:

Go to www.hillcountryride.org
Click on "Donate"
Click on "Donate for a Rider"
Type in my first and last names and choose "Find a Participant"
Click on my name at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to my personal page. Click on "Click here to Donate".

For those of you who don't know my name, here it goes:

J*a*n*n*a A*d*a*m*s

I don't know if those asterisks really stop people from finding me via Google searches, but I'm going to continue thinking it does. (I got that trick from Pack of 2).

I really appreciate all your support! (We did an 11.5 mile ride this weekend. It's getting much easier, and I'm not getting nearly as sore!)

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Way Back Wednesday (sort of...)
CHECK IT PEOPLE! I know I didn't disappoint. This is from my Little Orphan Annie tap routine circa 1981-1982. I remember the wig being very itchy and hot. Is that a pose or what?

And from the same recital, here was my ballet costume. Much more tame, and not nearly as fun.

My dad was unable to find the photo of the bear costume. Rats. It's good. Maybe better than the Annie costume. Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to go on the prowl for that one.

Tammy, PK is on her way back to you. Kami, there wasn't any good food last night :( Only free soup from The Soup Peddler since he's a sponsor. Very disappointing.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
In Good Company & WBW
So I will be doing WBW tomorrow as I think I might just have the winning photo, if not a second place finish to Dunkin's purple leotard masterpiece. Check her out if you haven't. It really is spectacular. My photo does not involve a purple leotard, but it does include a red leotard, an orange net wig and tap shoes. Now I KNOW you will come back to see it. There might be a bonus photo of me in a teddy bear costume as well......

I'm glad so many of you agree with me about Mariah. She is just over the top. Since that last post, I saw a photo of her walking around on the beach in pink stiletto heels. Oh, Mariah, there is a time and place for that. The beach is not that time or that place. That's all I will say about her for now.

Tonight, my sister and I are going to the kick-off party for the bike ride. I'm hoping there is free food. I'm a free food slut. Love it long time. I'll actually be registering for the ride tonight, and then you know what time it is???? Ask everyone for money time! Yea!!! Isn't that the best? I just LOVE asking people donate money. Argh, just kidding. Although I know it is for a good cause that I believe in 100%, I still hate asking for money. It stems from my inability to ask for help, even when I really need it. Blech.

Monday, January 09, 2006
Why, God, why are we still being punished by having to see, hear, or deal with this woman? I found this photo on E! Online and was reminded how much I dislike her. I think she's a clear example of someone with talent, but is so annoying I can't stand anything about her, including her voice.

Good Weekend
I had one of those weekends that wasn't spectacular, but it sure seemed LONG which is really nice. Friday, the rockstar and I ate dinner at Rockfish. That place has great fish that isn't expensive at all. Saturday I went to a yoga class which was really needed after the bike ride last weekend, got groceries and bought some more stuff for the bathrooms and house with Christmas gift cards. Sunday, my sister and I only did an 8 mile ride because the wind was so bad we had to pedal downhill. That ain't right. Later, the rockstar and I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia. I just re-read the book, and I was amazed at how closely the movie followed the book. That being said, the movie was kind of a disappointment. Some of the special effects were as good as those in The Never Ending Story. Come on people, it's 2006! Plus, it was WAY too scary for kids. I can't believe they let small children in to see that movie. Then, last night, I watched Celebrity Fit Club which is one of my all time favorite shows. There's something about watching D-list "celebs" getting on national television to lose weight that is totally and utterly mesmorizing. I mean, who doesn't want to watch Young M.C. bust a move?

Friday, January 06, 2006
Can't Live if Living is Without You
As I was washing my face last night, I realized that my eyelashes were soft. Meaning I didn't have on mascara. Like I completely forgot to put in on yesterday and didn't realize it all day long. I have not gone to work without mascara in, well, never. Mascara is one of those things that I have to put on, along with powder. If I have those two things, I don't feel so naked. I even had a few fake eyelashes on for my wedding. So my question is this...to what makeup item do you have an unhealthy attachment? I always find it interesting how different us woman are when it comes to make-up.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
I just talked to (well, emailed with) Flutter regarding the Blog Blowout in Austin in February. I'm so excited!! I hope as many of you as possible can make it.

I'm also excited about the email I just received from the Handyman Company I have been bitching about lately. Here is the text of said email:

Nap Queen,

Thank you for working with me. I'll mail a check to you today for $200.
I sincerely apologize that this has occurred on your job. It is
obviously not our intention to provide "amateur" work. It is sometimes
difficult to work with angles that can be out of plumb (an alternative
to caulk is home purpose "bond-o").

John Doe #1 is no longer with our company and I guess John Doe #2
needs to learn about going the extra mile (especially when a mistake has
already occurred) or get a vision test.
I am sorry if this has disrupted your family around the holidays.


Needless to say, I am quite pleased. Once I get that check in my hands, I can then turn around and spend it on a plumber to fix all the issues with the faucet installation and hopefully get someone to fix up the baseboards. I am usually such a wuss (I'm a true Libra "can't we all just get along?"), so I'm happy I spoke up!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Happy New Year
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve. We watched the 40-Year-Old Virgin, had a glass of champagne and it was lights out by 12:30 am. Here are some of my thoughts and ideas about the upcoming year.

1) This is the year I turn 30. Eeeek! I had lots of hopes and plans for myself for age 30. I guess I still have time, but it's a tickin'.
2) My first wedding anniversary is coming up a month from tomorrow. I can't believe it's been a year already! I love marriage so far (minus the scratched Calphalon incident).
3) I'm going to try to be less insecure. I am smart. I am capable. I need to remember this.
4) I'm going to try to worry less. My house is not going to burn down, seriously.
5) We will finish fixing up our house and have people over more often. The dogs will just have to deal with it.
6) Ah, the dogs. If $$ permits, I'm going to find a behaviorist that will come to our home and work with our insano dogs.
7) I am going to try to go to yoga class twice a week. Cary at Gold's Gym by my house is a yoga god, and despite what most people think, it's a cardio and strength training workout all rolled into one.

Nothing too severe, nothing I can't handle.

Some of you might remember the post where I told the world that I was riding in the 2006 Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Well, my blogging friends, my sister and I woke our asses up at 7:30 on Saturday and rode 20 miles. We're not as concerned as we were last time because they have changed the ride to a 1 day, 60-70 mile ride instead of a 2 day, 120 mile ride. I came to the following conclusions:

1) Riding a bike is hard when you've taken a few (okay, more than a few) months off.
2) I need a new bike seat because my ass still hurts today.
3) I love the way I feel when I exercise.
4) I love the way I feel when I set a goal I really care about and achieve it.
5) I like feeling strong.
6) I don't like feeling jiggly.

I will post more later about the handyman saga. They offered me half of what I asked for, and I said thanks but no thanks. I am still negotiating my refund. Rat bastards.