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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Things I Learned
I had a really good time at the Blowout! I'm so glad I went. Here are just a few of the things I learned from taking a roadtrip and sharing a hotel room with TxMom and Lucky:

*TxMom is very prepared and had Pepto ready when I had a nasty onset of food poisoning at 4:00am.

*Lucky will go to Spencer's and buy awesome party favors like d*ck lollypops, d*cklets gum (which was disgusting, btw) and Girl's Night Out cards which have different tasks for everyone to accomplish while in a bar...such as tell a random stranger you're not wearing p*nties or get under the table and grab people's ankles...which Lucky did. So thoughtful.

*TxMom will sacrifice the king size bed for the sleeper sofa because she won't want to wake you with her coughing. So sweet.

*I can talk to either of them about anything whether it be husbands or bodily functions.

*Lucky can make a whoopie cushion fun for 24 hours. Seriously, it never gets old, especially when you let it rip in an elevator with a teenaged boy.

*I wear the same size shoe as both of them. Nice :)

*TxMom is really good at opening non-twist off bottle tops with no bottle opener (sorry about the finger Monica).

*Lucky needs to take more girl trips.

*They have become really good friends and I love them both.

I'm sure there are many more, but I had a blast with them, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007
The Killers
My sister and I went to The Killers show last night and it was AWESOME! They put on a wonderful show and got a nice contact high from the person smoking out somewhere around us. I'm not a huge fan of their new stuff, but they played enough of their songs from Hot Fuss to make me happy.

I can't believe the Houston Blowout is next weekend! I'm really excited to see/meet everyone. Now I just need to get a new outfit and batteries for the camera. What is everyone wearing? Jeans?

I REALLY can't believe the AIDS ride is in two weeks. I heart my new road bike---it makes hills so much easier (not that I haven't walked my big ass up a few anyway). I really appreciate all of you who have donated...you rock!!!

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Friday, April 06, 2007
Say a Little Prayer
Last night, my sister, mom and I took one of my sister's cats, Rufus, to the emergency vet to be put to sleep. He had liver and kidney problems, and he was not doing well. I know she made the right decision, he looked terrible, and was not getting better. She did everything she could including getting him accupunture, giving him subcutaneous fluids at home, and tube feeding him. He was a wonderful big orange tabby that acted like a dog most of the time. We called him "Puppy Kitty" because he would sit for a treat when the dogs got their biscuits after dinner. He loved people and would mingle at parties instead of hiding. He will be SO missed.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
CT Scans & Y&R
I got my first ever CT Scan this morning to check out the throbbing in my abdomen that won't seem to go away. It's not painful, just strange. And it comes and goes at random intervals. The ultrasound I had last year showed nothing, but my OBGYN still wanted me to talk to a laproscopic surgeon to get their opinion. Well, her opinion was blood work and a urinalysis which turned out completely normal, so the next step was the scan. The CT Scan "will show big things" she said. I'm assuming that means tumors. Now that it's over, I guess I just wait for the results.

Because I had to get up at the crack of dawn to drink the damn barium (yummy, "Berry Smoothie"...um, yeah, not so much) I was feeling really tired, so I took a long lunch and watched Y&R. HOLY HELL. Did Sharon and Dru just fall of a freakin cliff and die? And are they trying to make Daniel a po*n addict? And what the HELL is wrong with Gloria's face? Oh, and TxMom, why am I attracted to EJ Wells on DOOL? THESE are the tough questions I need answers to while I wait to find out if I have a tumor. Just kidding. I don't have a tumor. At least, I hope not. Okay I don't. My friend Bill thinks it's my twin that never developed and just throbs when it's hungry. Totally creepy.

Sunday, April 01, 2007
Game Night w/ Screech
So I had game night/girls night last night, and we had a blast. We played Scruples which TxMom insisted on because she was sure I had something to hide, and we freakin' watched the Screech s*x tape! Or tried to, at least.... The first 10 minutes were so boring we stopped it. We didn't even get to the Dirty S*anchez. Shucks. Anyhoo, I love my peeps, and it was a great time all around. I have so much food left over and I've been eating ALL DAY LONG. I swear I've eaten 15 or so cookies.

Exhibit A: Bowl of Evil Cookies

We got $400 back from Citimortgage from our escrow account which was a really nice surprise. I think a new pair of shoes for springtime are in order. I will be going to DSW next weekend!

I started painting my bathroom and I'm about 3/4 done, but now I've lost the motivation to finish. I hate that shit. At least it's green over green, so it's not that obvious.

I can't think of much else going on. Hmmmmm...oh yeah, the red truck is back. It still has the huge sticker on the windshield, but it's now parked in front of their house, thank god. I just can't believe it CAME BACK. I guess it's like a boomerang. I mean, they are from Australia???