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Thursday, September 08, 2005
I saw this on the Dallas Ks and loved it:

i am not: greedy
i love: my life away from work
i hate: being told what to do
i fear: someone will break into our home at night
i hope: I figure out what I want to do with my life
i hear: bad grammar all the time
i crave: sugar, salt and sleep
i regret: not dumping my college boyfriend sooner
i cry: about once a month and it's a doozy
i care: about unwanted animals
i always: kiss my husband goodnight
i believe: there is so much corruption in our federal government, it is beyond repair
i feel alone: when I'm driving home from work
i listen: to CNN all the time since Katrina
i hide: the fact that I'm scared shitless about my professional future
i drive: a Honda Civic
i sing: really loudly only in my car
i dance: only when really drunk (I'm with you Dunkin)
i write: emails all day long
i play: Scrabble with my husband
i miss: having summers off
i search: for my purpose
i learn: from trial and error
i feel: ugly most of the time
i know: I'm a smart, funny woman
i saw: the last supper, the mona lisa and the eiffel tower. The mona lisa is disappointing.
i succeed: with most crafty things
i dream: to be anxiety free
i wonder: how I will live without my dogs
i want: to learn how to silversmith
i give: not enough
i fight: when being talked down to
i need: a cooler climate


Blogger Tay said...

Great list! I also fear someone breaking into the house, even when our alarm is on! Such a chicken I know.

Thanks for visiting me ;)

Blogger Kami said...

I love Scrabble, too!

Blogger Rhonda said...

Good list. You should never feel ugly!

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